The history

TM was build in 1994 in Victoria by Brian Carr, most likely based on plans from Bruce Roberts, a well known and respected Australian boat designer. I couldn’t identify the exact model on his website, my best guess for the cutter-rigged sloop is the Spray 45 or Centennial Spray 45 with a wheel house and large aft lazarette.

I purchased her in late 2007 from the first owner, Tim Eylward. After sailing her back from Hastings, VIC, to my home town of Sydney, NSW, with a delivery skipper and a friend from work, I spent many weekends sailing her on Sydney harbour and many more weekends maintaining and upgrading her over time.

Why her?

What I was looking for was a blue water-capable cruiser in the 39′ to 45′ range. While looking online at boats all around Australia for about 2 years I came across a few interesting “candidates”.

[more to come]